The Kingsbury Center

*Please note that The Kingsbury Center closed general school operations on June 30, 2019. The Day School is providing Extended School Year services through July 2019 for their remaining students. The Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group has launched and will be providing comprehensive testing, therapy, and educational services.  Visit: or call: (202) 545-2410.

5000 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 722-5555

The Kingsbury Day School is dedicated to fostering success in all students. To that end, Kingsbury Day School is an independent kindergarten through 12th grade full-time special education school serving the needs of children with language-based learning disabilities through a multi-sensory, individualized and experiential-learning approach. We are committed to teaching academic concepts and organizational skills, promoting healthy attitudes toward learning, and facilitating social and emotional growth through collaboration among a team of special educators, related service providers, and families. Kingsbury values the diversity of our community and the spectrum of learning opportunities which enrich children’s school experiences, expand their perspectives and sense of responsibility to the broader community, and promote confidence and self-reliance for their future roles in society.

Kingsbury Day School has an individualized academic program in which children progress through a curriculum of concepts and skills at their own pace. Class placement is not based strictly on age but reflects learning styles as well as general academic and social development.

Student life at Kingsbury Day School is much like that of any other elementary, middle, or upper school program. Students participate in clubs, enjoy extra-curricular activities, perform community service work, and go on field trips with their friends. Classes at Kingsbury are small, with eight to ten students per classroom, enabling each student to make an impact on the shape and direction of his or her class.