The Children’s Guild

5702 Sargent Road
Chillum, MD 20782
(888) 824-4534

The Children’s Guild day school in Chillum is a 10-month long program which serves special education students, those diagnosed with emotional disturbance, multiple disabilities, and autism, in kindergarten through 8th grade (ages 5 through 14). Each classroom is equipped with a Smart Board and each student is provided a personal computer. The Guild stresses parental involvement as parents take part in an orientation process, parent activities, and a parent group.

The educational program is based on the Prince George’s County Public Schools’ curriculum, aligned with the Maryland Voluntary Curriculum. It is enhanced through theme-based experiential teaching techniques. The classroom team consists of certified special education teachers, a school counselor, and IEP (Individualized Education Progam) aides, as needed. A medical team oversees crisis and medication management, as well as emergency and minor medical issues. Individual, group, and family counseling are available as specified in the child’s IEP. A transition program is available for students to assist them in being successful after the discharge. Students who are at risk of regression during the summer attend an extended 4-week program.

Related Services include speech/language therapy, psychiatric care, school health services, social work, occupational therapy, diagnosis and assessment, transition services, behavior management, crisis intervention, medical management, drama, physical education, art, music, door to door transportation, breakfast and lunch.