The Chelsea School

Suite 300
2970 Belcrest Center Drive
Hyattsville, Maryland 20782
(301) 585-1430

Chelsea School is an independent, not-for-profit, co-educational day school which provides highly structured individualized and supportive programming for students with specific language-based learning disabilities, to enable them to pursue higher educational opportunities beyond graduation.

The educational program is comprised of a Middle Division (grades 5 through 8) and an Upper Division (grades 9 through 12). All students have a language-based learning disability that affects their acquisition of basic reading, writing and math skills.

Chelsea School offers all of the core subjects and electives that enable students to meet the home district diploma requirements. Additionally Chelsea School offers a robust reading program which is tiered into three skill sets based on acquisition of basic reading skills of sound symbol recognition and decoding, fluency, and comprehension. Placement within, and advancement through, the reading program is based upon individual acquisition and mastery of skills. Chelsea School students’ dedication to achievement has made it necessary to maintain high level math and science courses such as physics, calculus, and advanced biology.

In order to address the many varied talents and interests of Chelsea school students, elective courses have also been established to meet their career interests and goals. These include courses offered in television media production, computer technology and graphics, advanced art courses, and music production. Over 90% of our students matriculate either to college or vocational school.