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Special Education Transportation

If a DC student qualifies for special education transportation services, the Local Education Agency (LEA) – either DCPS or public charter school must submit a Transportation Request Form (TRF) to the OSSE Department of Transportation (OSSE-DOT) for OSSE to plan transportation routes.  Note: Nonpublic schools do not have the ability to submit TRFs for their DC funded students – the LEA must do this every year and every summer for ESY if applicable.  If a TRF is not submitted to OSSE-DOT, students will not be routed! For further information please see the OSSE Transportation Handbook for Parents and Guardians of Special Education Students and Questions and Answers about Transportation regarding transportation services a student is entitled to under federal law.  Parents and Schools may also contact the OSSE-DOT Parent Resource Center at (202)-576-5000.

Federal Update: DC Still Needs Assistance with Special Education 
The US Department of Education monitors how the states, including DC, implement the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  The US Department of Education determined in June 2019 that DC continues to need assistance meeting their obligations under IDEA. 
DC’s State Education Agency, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) aggregates and reports information from all of DC’s 66 LEAs, which include DCPS and all the public charter schools, to the US Department of education.  You can see that data here.
The US Department of Education just issued their evaluation of DC’s implementation of IDEA and found that DC continues to need assistance meeting their obligations under IDEA.  Areas where DC did particularly poorly include:
  • Percentage of Children with Disabilities who Dropped Out
  • Percentage of 8th Grade Children with Disabilities Scoring at Basic or Above on the National Assessment of Educational Progress in Reading and Math
  • Percentage of 4th Grade Children with Disabilities Scoring at Basic or Above on the National Assessment of Educational Progress in Reading and Math
DC earned no compliance points in those areas because DC’s performance was so poor that it did not achieve the minimum level require to score on the matrix for that area.
Read DC’s State Performance Plan, which details how OSSE proposes to remedy these areas of noncompliance.

DC Special Education Legal References:

Petties v. District of Columbia – Court Registry Funds Issued Through SchoolTalk to Support Building Pathways to the Least Restrictive Environments for Students

Parties agree to use the remaining funds to develop tools for improving transition services for DC students moving to less restrictive educational environments.

doc. no. 2055 joint notice 2055 joint notice ex 1

US Department of Education – Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services

IDEA Part B State Performance Plan (SPP) and Annual Performance Report (APR) proposed revisions to collection of information from state agencies.


DCASE Comment on OSERS FR Doc 2013-08703 061413

Post-Petties Payment Dispute Flowchart

Quick reference for nonpublics to address disputes over payment for services

Post Petties payment flowchart 122012

Petties Dismissal Order

doc. no. 2061 Final Judgment and Order of Dismissal 12.19.12

DCASE Petties Fairness Hearing testimony 12-17-12


The DCASE Blackman-Jones Assessment Project

Background, scope, and details of this groundbreaking project.
 The DCASE/Blackman-Jones Assessment Project 
 FINAL REPORT – The DCASE/Blackman-Jones Assessment Project