Responsibilities to Funding Agencies

All DCASE members sign a Statement of Ethical Practices as part of their application for membership, making a formal commitment to embrace certain responsibilities.

To funding agencies, members commit to work toward cooperative and collaborative relationships in order to foster the growth of students. Specific commitments include:

  • providing information requested in an application for a Certificate of Approval or renewal of a Certificate of Approval
  • not giving false, misleading or incomplete information to a funding agency
  • maintaining accurate course descriptions, transcripts and attendance records
  • encouraging participation in alternative dispute resolution forums to resolve billing issues with funding agencies
  • notifying the funding agency whenever any credible information is received regarding a student that would change the obligations of the funding agency (such as a change in status as a ward or a change of residency to a location outside the District)
  • members will notify parents and guardians at the beginning of each school year that such information will be forwarded to the funding agency
  • sending copies of documents from any IEP meeting to the funding agency when the agency has not been in attendance
  • making students available to funding agency representatives for assessments and evaluations, at appropriate times
  • responding to funding agency requests for information necessary to receive reimbursement from federal sources.