Principles and Priorities

From its inception and going forward, DCASE believes that it is important to commit to writing the organization’s core principles, all centered around building, establishing, and designating quality special education programs. In applying for membership, members must agree to a series of core principles relative both to students and their families and to the funding agencies.

DCASE Current Priorities:

  • Advocate for policies that improve special education services in public and nonpublic schools. DCASE will monitor policies that affect children with special needs and advocate for changes in regulations administered by DCPS and the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).
  • Assist in the successful transition of students from nonpublic to public schools and postsecondary options.
    DCASE will support development of transition plans to ensure the successful return of students to neighborhood schools when appropriate, or the pursuit of opportunities such as college, job training or job placement.
  • Decrease the number of students receiving nonpublic services far from their District neighborhood.
    DCASE will work with OSSE and DCPS administrators to co-locate nonpublic special education programs within public school buildings.
  • Strengthen staff development for DCPS and charter school employees.
    DCASE will share expertise, best practices, instructional strategies, and innovative curricula with all categories of school staff.
  • Support the timely delivery of critical services to children and youth with special needs.
    DCASE will establish and maintain a Resource Bank of crucial programs and services that it can provide to DCPS and OSSE, including assessments, dropout prevention, vocational education, and wrap-around services, and step-down programs for students returning from residential placement.