Inclusion Support – Professional Development & Coaching

Provider: The Children’s Guild
Location: School location, Chillum campus or Children’s Guild Conference Center
Target Population: School personnel: teachers, related service personnel
Special Features:
• Inclusion of students with disabilities: autism, emotional disability, intellectual disability, multi-disabled

Provider: Ivymount School and Programs
Location: At home or school
Target Population: Teachers and staff of PK-HS
Special Features: Inclusion Support:
• Collaborate with teachers at home school
• Involve Parents in process
• Design appropriate accommodations
• Create Visual schedules and other supports
• Create behavior plans
• Creating ABA programs
• Meaningful Data Collection
• Writing Productive FBAs and BIPs

Provider: The Kingsbury Center and Kingsbury Day School
Location: Schools
Target Population: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Aides, Learning Specialists, Administrators
Special Features:
• GT/LD: inclusion and enrichment

Provider: Phillips Programs
Location: Available at PHILLIPS campus in Annandale or at alternate location (in-school setting)
Target Populations: Children with multiple disabilities including behavioral, emotional, developmental, intellectual, Autism Spectrum Disorders [Parents, School employees]
Special Features:
• Collaboration with teachers at home school
• Collaboration with Parents in education process
• Design appropriate accommodations
• Develop behavior plans
• Work with child to process transition
• Develop Visual supports for child including schedule