Evaluations & Assessments

Provider: Chelsea School
Location: (at Chelsea School, Silver Spring campus)
Target Population: Students with Learning Disabilities, Speech/Language Impairments – (Ages 3-21)
Special Features: Evaluations:
• Speech and Language/monolingual and bilingual (Spanish and English)
• Occupational Therapy
• Educational Testing
• Functional Behavior

Provider: The Children’s Guild
Location: (at The Children’s Guild campus)
Target Population: Students with Emotional Disabilities, Autism, Multiple Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities – (Ages 5-21)
• Educational assessments
• Occupational therapy assessments
• Functional behavioral assessments
• Psychosocial assessments
• Character development assessments

Provider: The Foundation Schools
Location: (at Largo, Rockville, or Gaithersburg campuses)
Target Population: Children and Adolescents with emotional and behavioral disabilities and achievement gaps- (Ages 5-21)
Educational Testing to include:
• Woodcock-Johnson
• Formal & Informal Reading & Math Testing
• Brigance
• Diagnostic/Prescriptive Report of Current Educational Functioning

Provider: Ivymount School and Programs
Location: (at Rockville campus)
Target Population: Speech/Language Impairments, Autism, Developmental Delays, Intellectual disabilities- (Ages 3-22)
Provide requested Evaluations:
• Speech and Language
• Occupational Therapy
• Social History
• Educational Testing
• Functional Behavior
• Physical Therapy

Provider: The Katherine Thomas School at TLC
Location: (at Rockville campus)
Target Population: Auditory Processing Disorders, ADHA, Autism, Cognitive Impairment, Developmental Delays, Hearing Impairment, Learning Disabilities, Social Cognition Impairment, Speech-Language Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury- (Ages 3-21)
Provide requested Evaluations:
• Educational Testing
• Occupational Therapy Evaluation
• Sensorimotor Evaluation
• Speech-Language Evaluation
• Vocational Assessment

Provider: The Kingsbury Center and Kingsbury Day School
Location: (at DC campus; and home and school possible)
Target Population: Learning Disabilities, GT/LD, Autism, sensory integration, complex presentation- (Ages 4-22)
Provide requested Evaluations:
• Neuropsychological
• Psycho-educational
• Psychological
• Occupational Therapy
• Social History
• Educational Testing
• Functional Behavior Analysis
• Physical Therapy

Provider: Phillips Programs
Location: (at Annandale campus)
Target Population: Children with multiple disabilities including behavioral, emotional, developmental, intellectual. Autism Spectrum Disorders – (Ages 3-22)