Behavior Management Training & Development – including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


Provider: The Children’s Guild
Special Features:
• Managing classroom behaviors from minor to major infractions
• Facilitate the implementation of behavioral motivational structures, routines and rituals
• Develop and implement Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports
• Develop a system for acknowledging school-wide behavioral expectations and a continuum of behavioral consequences
• Development of functional behavioral assessments and behavior intervention plans to include strategies of implementation
• Tier 2 and Tier 3 behavioral strategies

Provider: The Foundation Schools
Special Features:
• Functional Behavior Analysis
• Student & Classroom Observations
• Behavior Data Collection
• FBA Development
• BIP Development
• Development of Individual Student Contracts
• Negative Behavior Reduction Plans

Provider: The Ivymount School & Programs
Target Population: Training for Teachers (general and special ed.), Aides, Administrative staff, Building support staff, Para-educators in support of students (ages 3-21) with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Special Features: ABA Programs & Training
• Creating ABA programs at school and at home
• Meaningful Data Collection
• Writing Productive FBAs and BIPs
• Training for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports
• Behavior management
• Positive Behavior Management Training (including 1:1)
• Hands-on vocational training adapted to special needs
• Teacher training and coaching
• Curriculum adaptation
• Transition planning and support
• Creation of transition plans
• Design of school to work programs with community organizations
• Training job coaches
• Transition training
• Promoting Independence at home, at school and in the community

Provider: The Katherine Thomas School at TLC
Target Population: Teachers & Staff (pre-K through HS)
Special Features:
• Absolutely, Positively: Positive Strategies for Discipline
• Helping the Young Child Behave in the Classroom
• Ways to Prevent Hitting, Biting and Other Forms of Bad Behavior

Provider: The Kingsbury Center and Kingsbury Day School
Target Population: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Aides, Learning Specialists, Administrators
Special Features:
• Behavioral Support Consultation-one time or ongoing

Provider: The Pathways Schools
Target Population: General/Special Education Teachers, Administrators, Support Staff, Aides, Paraeducators
Special Features:
• Development and implementation of FBA’s/BIP’s

Provider: PHILLIPS Programs
Special Features:
• Behavior management