Consortium Providers

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Alina Assessment Services
Alina Assessment Services, PLLC, is a neuropsychology evaluation practice directed by Joette James, Ph.D.,ABPP-CN. Dr. James is board-certified in clinical neuropsychology and has served on the faculty of Children’s National Medical Center/George Washington University. She is also the former Director of Neuropsychology at HSC Pediatric Center. Alina Assessment Services is committed to delivering comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations that will assist children, adolescents, and adults in achieving their greatest potential and quality of life.

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Chelsea School
Since 1976, Chelsea School has been preparing students with learning disabilities for post-secondary education, typically college or university (85% average). Our students are bright, creative learners with a diagnosed specific learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD or speech and language deficits. Instruction at Chelsea School is research-based using best practices from current educational literature as well as university research. Four key components to the Chelsea School program model are: Literacy, social skills, advisory and instructional and assistive technology.

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The Children’s Guild
The Children’s Guild has been serving the needs of special education students since 1953. Our focus is on challenging children who exhibit severe emotional disturbance, autism, and multiple disabilities. 

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The Foundation Schools
Since 1975, The Foundation Schools’ mission has been to provide a highly specialized educational and therapeutic program for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities and prepare them to be productive and successful in their future academic and career paths. 

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Georgetown Psychology Associates
Georgetown Psychology Associates is a multi-disciplinary practice offering a broad range of services to children and families.  Our group consists of licensed psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and learning specialists who are dedicated to understanding and treating a range of developmental, learning and emotional/behavioral issues.  Our clinical expertise includes autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities, auditory processing and language processing disorders, sensory integration and self-regulation, anxiety and depression.  We provide individual and group therapy, parent support/education, school consultation and professional development.

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The Ivymount School & Programs
For more than 50 years, The Ivymount School has been serving students with disabilities including speech/language deficits, specific learning disabilities, developmental delays, health impairments, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. The program is a transdisciplinary educational model that seeks to gives students the tools for independent and productive futures in both graded and nongraded programs. Curriculum in Ivymount’s programs includes social learning, ABA, differentiated instruction, as well as positive behavior supports.

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The Katherine Thomas School at TLC
TLC – The Treatment and Learning Centers’ mission is to improve lives and expand possibilities for children and adults with special needs. Since 1950, TLC has been serving children and adults with special needs in the greater Washington, DC area through educational, vocational, diagnostic and therapeutic programs that meet the growing and changing needs of our community.

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Kennedy Krieger Schools
Kennedy Krieger School is a comprehensive (K-21) special education program offering its students and their families collaborative and transdisciplinary support in areas that include autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, behavoral and emotional disorders, communication disorders, and medical complications such as traumatic brain injury and orthopedic disorders. Academic readiness and preparation for adult daily life and work are part of the program at KKS.

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The Kingsbury Day School & Kingsbury Center

The Kingsbury Day School is a comprehensive, supportive and differentiated PreK-12 diploma program for students with learning differences including including ADHD, specific learning disabilities, speech/language issues, and high functioning autism with individualized teaching to capitalize on strengths and remediate areas of weakness. Tutoring, OT, PT, S/L, and psychological services are integrated into the school day as needed. The Kingsbury Center conducts assessments and therapy for individuals with learning challenges, both for students and in the community.

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The Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute
The Kennedy Institute, since 1959, has offered a private day school educating children, adolescents and young adults ages 5 to 22 with a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability. In addition to an intellectual disability, our students may exhibit multiple needs, including speech and language disorders, emotional disorders, and fine and gross motor issues. Our students receive academic, transitional and therapeutic services that foster independence and lifelong learning.

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The Pathways Schools
The Pathways Schools operate six therapeutic educational programs in Maryland’s Anne Arundel, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties for students aged 11 through 21 who have emotional and behavioral disabilities. Each school provides a unique, comprehensive, success-oriented alternative day program in a small family-oriented setting of not more than 40 students. Our goal is to enable students with emotional or behavioral disabilities to take responsibility for their lives and to become independent contributing members of our communities and society.

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PHILLIPS Programs for Children and Families provides educational and supportive services for children with special needs and their families. For over forty years, PHILLIPS has provided a place where children left behind in traditional settings can get the support and education they need to become successful, responsible adults. PHILLIPS Programs serves children and youth with autism; emotional, behavioral and mental disabilities through education, family support services and advocacy.

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St. John’s Community Services
SJCS provides a unique and inclusive academic and vocational educational program to children with autism, intellectual and other disabilities between the ages of 4 and 22. SJCS classrooms are located within District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) buildings, affording students opportunities to receive educational instruction alongside .students without disabilities. SJCS’ school program offers small classroom sizes, low staff-to-student ratios, individualized instruction, positive behavioral support and the opportunity to participate in the general education classrooms.

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Weinfeld Education Group
The mission of Weinfeld Education Group, LLC, (WEG) is to help every child reach his or her potential. WEG is comprised of nearly 50 affiliated professionals, including educational consultants, neuropsychologists, psychologists, behavior intervention specialists, speech pathologists, and occupational therapists, engaged to provide services according to the unique needs of each client or academic setting. WEG’s work with families and individuals includes educational advocacy, neuropsychological and psychological assessment, speech and language assessment and occupational therapy assessment.

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