Alina Assessment Services

412 1st Street SE, Rear Building,
Lower Level, Washington, DC 20003

Alina Assessment Services, PLLC, is a neuropsychology evaluation practice located in Washington, DC and primarily serving the DC Metro area (including Maryland and Virginia). The practice is directed by Joette James, Ph.D.,ABPP-CN. Dr. James is board-certified in clinical neuropsychology and has served on the faculty of Children’s National Medical Center/George Washington University. She is also the former Director of Neuropsychology at HSC Pediatric Center. We are committed to delivering comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations that will assist children, adolescents, and adults in achieving their greatest potential and quality of life.

Our expertise is in the evaluation of toddlers through young adults with developmental and acquired injuries to the brain. Frequent diagnoses include Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disability, and Intellectual Disability, as well as problems in behavior and learning secondary to traumatic brain injury {TBI), stroke, seizure disorder, diabetes, and other medical conditions. In addition to evaluations, we provide consultation and advocacy, particularly with respect to the special education services process. The forensic aspect of the practice involves neuropsychological evaluations of adolescents and adults with neurodevelopmental and acquired brain injuries who are involved in criminal or civil litigation. We have particular expertise in evaluating competency to stand trial, competency to waive Miranda, Atkins cases {death penalty litigation), and general mitigation. We are also a Cogmed qualified practice.