In 2007, during a pivotal time for meaningful education reform in the District of Columbia, a group of educators created the District of Columbia Association for Special Education (DCASE), an alliance of nonpublic special education and charter schools that serve students with disabilities from the District of Columbia. DCASE members have been providing special education services to students for many years, and are dedicated to improving educational opportunities for all DC students with disabilities, wherever their needs are best served.  Learn more about DCASE current projects, programs and advocacy efforts in the DC special education and disability community in our most recent Annual Report.

Our Vision

To fulfill the promise of a quality education for all children.

Our Mission

DCASE supports its members in helping students with special needs succeed. We do this through advocacy, special education resources, and strong partnerships that provide services to children, families and schools. 

Our Leadership

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The DCASE Consortium – Special Education services for local public schools


Gone But Not Forgotten – In Memoriam

Anne Gay provided vision, direction and leadership for DCASE as our first Executive Director from 2007 until her passing in 2011.  She was a beloved educator and friend, and continues to be missed by the many whose lives she touched.

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Anne Chambers Gay